Kauai Herbals & Rainforest Essences

Botanical Hydrosols from Kauai Herbals are created through steam-distillation they are derived with pure spring water and an amazing anthology of fruits and flora grown from Kauai’s unique tropical environment. Gentle yet potent herbal formulations. With no synthetic preservatives, harsh chemicals or alcohol. The vision is clear, utilize the abundance of nature. Use the herbs, trees, fruits and flowers that are literally begging to contribute their benefits for both people and the environment.

Founded in 2002, Energy Essences is a woman owned business located at the base of Mount Waialeale on the Island of Kauai. Known as the wettest spot on earth, Mount Waialeale and its tributory rivers are the home of an abundace of native plants and flowers that are unique to this lush, tropical environment. It is within this rainforest that our wildflowers are hand collected and combined in a unique process of distillation. Subtle yet transformative, these unique essences help balance the emotions and heal the soul. All of our plant matter is sustainbly hand harvested with loving respect for Hawaii and the unique and diverse environment. Special measures are taken to ensure the integrity of our native ecosystem. utilizing sustainable species such as wild eucalyptus so the natural Hawaiian flora can continue to flourish. All of our plants are handpicked with gratitude and a loving respect for the environment. We take special care in honoring this tradition of the Hawaiian culture. We remain conscious of, and grateful for, our connection with all that grows, and is intrinsic to the quality of our existence. At Energy Essences we remain vigilant for Hawaiis sustainable abundance. We are dedicated to a symbiotic and grateful relationship with the Earth.